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Why Is Security Training So Important?

  • Data breaches are occuring everyday
  • A majority of data breaches happen to small to medium size businesses
  • 95% of data breaches are caused by human error
  • Employees need to understand how to protect sensitive company data
  • Employees need training that is interesting and engaging
  • Training leads to fewer PC rebuilds, reduced IT expenses and less employee downtime

        Training Overview

Security Topics Covered

What is PII? Including examples
– Names and addresses
– Credit cards
– Social Security Numbers
Internal and external threats
Phishing scams
– In-depth review
– Video on spotting phishing scams
– Interactive quiz – Can you spot a phish?
Phone scams
Wi-Fi dangers
Physical protection – Devices
BYOD – dangers
Many more topics
Training content is continually updated

One Time Security Training
Per Employee (based on 1-20 employees)
$7 per employee (21-50 employees)
$5 per employee (50+ employees)
Cloud based security portal
Online training that employees go through at own pace
Engaging training videos
Employee security testing
Employee training certificates
Administrator training reports
New employee training
$50 set up fee
One round of fake phishing emails to test employees
Monthly Security Training
per month
per employee
Everything included in one time plan
Risk assessment report and consultation
Security recommendations
Threat analysis
Monthly fake phishing emails to test employee awareness
Weekly micro security training videos
Monthly employee security newsletters
$50 set up fee waived

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